Creators: Shayna Sorbel & Floyd Kaylor

Thera-Glide™ was created in March 2014 by co-inventors Shayna Sorbel and Floyd Kaylor. Both, Shayna and Floyd are athletic and were no stranger to sports injuries that required surgery and many intense physical therapy sessions for the knees, hips, legs, shoulder, and elbows.

During these physical therapy sessions, both realized that the devices they were accustomed to using for range-of-motion had not changed and seem to be very limited in obtaining their goals.

So as a team, they began researching physical therapy and rehabilitation facilities for range-of-motion devices.

After over 50 visits and interviewing over 100 therapists (physical/occupational) and doctors (orthopedic/chiropractic), they knew a device needed to be created.


With input from medical professionals and from actual pre-and post-surgery patients, the first portable range-of-motion devices were created.


Medical Design & Function

Floyd had several knee surgeries going back to 1977, so he was able to recall many of the previous “old school” physical therapy methods and was able to come up with an original design. Shayna then collaborated with Floyd and began narrowing down the best functions required for their devices. After several concepts and designs, with input from medical professionals and from actual pre and post-surgery patients the first portable range-of-motion device with custom shapes and innovative bevel slide were created.

Thera-Glide™ physical therapy products help more than pre-and post-surgery knee and shoulder patients, they are also used to help the elderly exercise, patients suffering from blood clots, stroke victims, breast cancer survivors and more.

Patented Range of Motion Therapy ProductS

In May of 2016, the co-inventors were granted a utility patent for their Thera-Glide™ devices. With three more patents filed and pending with the USPTO and copyrights and trademarks filed, the team is set to hit the market.

Shayna and Floyd have three additional innovative medical products in various stages of pre-production and are in negotiations with other medical companies to distribute other products, so they decided to form S. K. Distributions USA, LLC.

S. K. Distributions USA, LLC is a certified minority supplier and is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor for the Thera-Glide™ products. Contact us to learn more.